Meet Your New Bookkeeper

Dowd, Whittaker & Associates.

bobbi at deskWelcome to eBookkeeper, our firm’s unique approach to bookkeeping.  eBookkeeper is our proprietary web-based QuickBooks® service that allows our talented accountants and Certified QuickBooks®  ProAdvisors to take over your accounting burden, freeing you to do what you do best: running your business.

  • We come to you, wherever you are. Because eBookkeeper is an electronic service, we can assist clients all over the country.  Whether you’re in our own city of Venice, Florida or thousands of miles away, you’ll get the same one-on-one attention and professional, accurate product.
  • New meaning for outsourced accounting. With eBookkeeper, you’ll only be outsourcing your bookkeeping difficulties.  You can expect to gain a higher level of personal attention and financial understanding than you’ve ever had before.  In addition, our trusted staff performs all work in our own offices where you can call us anytime—it never goes to a foreign country with limited accessibility.


Why Choose eBookkeeper?

Good books—accurate, up-to-date, relevant—are a prerequisite for making good financial decisions, but getting them done well is another matter altogether.

In-house bookkeepers are expensive and have a turnover rate as high as 20%, presenting an ongoing source of frustration to businesses that need to control costs and focus on other issues.  At the same time, doing the books yourself isn’t a viable option.  In no truly profitable business does an owner keep the books. Most owners simply don’t have the time, resources, or experience to do both jobs well.

eBookkeeper offers a real solution to the bookkeeping dilemma.  It can relieve at least one human resources headache and give you a better financial understanding of your company, all while saving you money.  It’s the best bookkeeper you’ll ever have, and we’re standing behind it every step of the way.